Our own continuous learning in 2023 through attendance of our industry conferences, collaboration with our colleagues and peers, and the exploration of new learning  technologies has provided our team with valuable perspectives and actionable tips to stay at the forefront of innovation in L&D.

Explore our top articles this year on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Content Development, LMS/LXP, and Employee Engagement, and recaps from our 2023 conferences, that we share in our monthly newsletter, below (subscribe to our newsletter here).


Artificial Intelligence 

Part of the work of a Learning & Development team is knowing when it is appropriate to use AI tools versus when the human touch is required to design, develop, and deliver training. Read the full article here.

To be able to plan, implement, and manage AI tools and platforms and the teams that are using them, you, as a manager, first have to know…WHY, HOW, and WHEN to use AI.  Read the full article here.

AI chatbots hold immense potential to revolutionize corporate learning, becoming indispensable tools in guiding and elevating employee performance throughout their career journey.  Read the full article here.


Content Development

Check out these 5 tools for Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers to use to create impactful mobile learning that can be distributed across multiple modalities. Read the full article here.

Instructional designers need to optimize sessions with their SMEs to get the information they need to ensure learners receive meaning and, most of all, relevant experiences when they are being trained. Read the full article here.

Writing effective dialogue for scenario-based simulations and role-play requires research, attention to detail, and a focus on creating engaging and realistic language and visuals. These tips will help you create dialogue for engaging and effective training scenarios that help learners apply their knowledge and skills in real-world situations. Read the full article here.



The use of AI in the L&D sphere will bring multiple benefits to platforms like an LMS or an LXP. Know how to best utilize AI to maximize the effectiveness of your training and ensure optimal employee learning. Read the full article here.

Enjoy the true potential of democratized, intuitive learning without missing out on the essential trainings facilitated by an LMS. Here are 5 ways to ensure an LXP can coexist with your LMS. Read the full article here.


Employee Engagement

Engaging learners is more than just making the learning process enjoyable; it is about creating an environment where learners actively participate, connect with the material, and develop a genuine interest in the subject matter. Read the full article here.

Using a design thinking perspective, the 70/20/10 model considers the most effective training resources for the three different ways that we develop through training: on the job, peer support, or structured training. What do you do when training isn’t the answer? Read the full article here.

A  deeper dive into the 5 essential focus areas that make up the first 30 days of our comprehensive Onboarding Checklist and their accompanying tasks. Read the full article here.


Evolve 2023 Conference Recaps

Here’s what keeps us coming back — a recap of our favorite tech, tools and trends from our 10th year at DevLearn. Read the full recap here.

Highlights from our presentation “Streamlined Course Management: Templates, Development, Updates, and Maintenance for Effective e-Learning” and other sessions we loved from the 2023 Articulate User Conference. Read the full recap here.

Evolve’s Chief Solution Strategist spoke at TechLearn 2023 and our Marketing and Creative Lead recapped her session, “Drip Learning: Extending the Learner Journey with Spaced Microlearning,” others that caught her ear, and the rest of the conference. Read the full recap here.

There is never not a good time to go down to lovely San Diego, so when James was asked to attend the ATD 2023 conference, he leapt at the opportunity. His second conference he’s attended representing Evolve Solutions Group, here’s what he had to say after meeting with talent professionals from all corners of the globe. Read the full recap here.

What did Evolve’s Lead Instructional Designer have to say about her experience at Learning Solutions 2023? Watch her video recap and download her slide deck from her presentation, “Learning in VR: UX Principles and Storyboarding”  here: Watch the full recap here.


We’ve had a great year! Check out our 2023 Year in Review and we look forward to what’s to come in 2024.