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With learning there is change, and with change an opportunity to learn.

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Changing mindsets, building skillsets.

An organization’s ability to learn faster, adapt to market forces, build skills, and foster a culture of learning is its most important asset.
At the heart of every organization is its ability to learn, develop, and grow.
Through insight, experience, and knowledge the people that make up your organization become connected.
This is what we call a learning culture. Ability to grow knowledge and insight, to gain expertise, to build expertise and capabilities… this is what drives the organization.

Learning Culture as a Competitive Advantage

“Organizations don’t learn. People do. The only sustainable source of competitive advantage…is your organization’s ability to learn faster than its competition.”

– Peter Senge

“We needed to upskill and cross-skill our Project Managers but knew that a week in the classroom wasn’t going to give them what they needed. Evolve designed, developed and co-facilitated a 3-month experiential blended learning program from concept to pilot in 3 months. Program satisfaction increased by 70% and participants were able to add business line experience and insight while reducing time out of the field.”
– Learning Program Manager, A Global Oil & Gas Company

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