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We live in a technology-enabled world but often,
technology becomes a barrier.

Technology must enable and drive us forward. Technology cannot and should not be a barrier.
Evolve is laser focused on breaking down the barriers and making technology an enabler.
We work with each organization to: identify the barriers, resource constraints, process inefficiencies, and technical complexities impacting the organization. We use industry insight, best practices, and technology expertise to create and refine solutions that enhance and support learning, change and organizational initiatives.

Technology Enablement Solutions we provide:

Technology Enables Business Transformation

When COVID hit, a global training company had to quickly shift from Classroom to Online Training. They needed updated systems, tools and platforms, an LMS that could scale and operational workflows to make it all come together. Evolve helped select an LMS platform, convert content for Online delivery, and implement technology and tools to automate manual processes. The organization has implemented an LMS and industry standard tools and systems, offers over 100 on-demand courses, improved learner experience and reduced overhead by 50%.

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