By Tristia Hennessey, Lead Instructional Designer, and Isabel Luke, Communications Consultant 

Employee training is essential to business, and the quality of the training that is developed and administered to your organization has potential to have a great return on your investment. Whether you have an inhouse team developing training or choose to work through an outside consultant for your training needs, there are multiple factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best tool to create effective training content. Below are 5 tools that Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers can use to create impactful mobile learning for a variety of project scopes, that can be distributed across multiple modalities.

1. Articulate – Rise 360

Fewer tools make it easier to create sleek, mobile-friendly courses than Articulate’s Rise. While customization can be limited, there are plenty of interaction blocks to choose from (ranging from simple tabbed or process interactions to dialogue scenarios) and creative ways to use them. Plus, Rise has the ability to incorporate Story blocks for more complex interactions built in Storyline.


  • Easy to use.
  • Industry standard suite of tools – Articulate 360.
  • Ability to incorporate Storyline blocks for more complex interactions.

2. Canva

Even this popular graphic design and social media content tool can help you create quick mobile courses. Canva has templates for educational or explainer videos and infographics, with a huge graphics and animations library for premium users to help you customize and get the right look. Select a mobile friendly template, drop in your content, share the learning.


  • Allows quick creation of beautiful explainer videos or infographics.
  • Free basic plan and an inexpensive premium at $119/year.
  • Not for interactive mobile training.

3. EdApp

EdApp allows you to create free mobile microlearning lessons with its flexible template. You can extensively customize lessons with different slides, blocks, interactions, and quizzing. There are some catches to the free version, so it may or may not work for your organization. EdApp is both a content creation tool and an LMS, with social learning and gamification capabilities, so there might be more features than you need. Learners access courses through the EdApp mobile app.


  • Easy editing and quick course creation.
  • Free option with some caveats – check the website for details.
  • Need to use their mobile app to access.

4. 7Taps

7Taps is a simple yet powerful mobile microlearning content creation tool that creates mobile lessons where users swipe through cards. You can add text, memes, animations, video, audio, even AI avatars with lip-syncing to add impact to your cards. It might be limited but is allows for creating really impactful learning quickly and easily. With some creative scripting and a dash or storytelling, you can really make your mobile learning pop with 7Taps. Only 1 course is free to create on 7Taps as a trial, and at $84/ month for the Pro version for only 1 editor, it’s not the cheapest but not the most expensive, either.


  • Easy to use, simple editor.
  • Fun and impactful
  • Limited in scope and types of interactivities.

5. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a popular K-12 education tool that is also used in corporate training. Kahoot! incorporates mobile learning, polling and quizzing, gamification, and interactive learning, and has a browser-based course builder. A powerful tool at mid-rage price of $49 per host user for the Pro subscription that gives access to the course builder.


  • Fun, game-based activities, and templates made easy.
  • Enhance ILT or vILT and presentations or go fully asynchronous.
  • Limited in ability to apply custom branding or customize the layout.

With any of these tools you’ll be better off creating effective and engaging content for your learners as part of your learning strategy. Need help getting started? Schedule a learning-needs consultation with Evolve Solutions Group.