Louise Gaston

Year 3 of DevLearn is in the books and I for one am thankful that I could stay home and attend. With so much to see and do at DevLearn, in-person attendance often left me feeling a bit dazed. So much information is usually delivered in such a short period of time with no opportunity to process, absorb and apply. DevLearn 2020 or DDX was different as the sessions were delivered over 2 weeks instead of 4 days and most of the sessions were available on-demand afterwards. I found this suited my personal learning style much better.
This year my focus was elearning development and specific ways we can use the many tools and technology out there to create content that engages!
Session 732 – Building an Adaptive Course – Storyline
This session introduced me to native functionality in Articulate Storyline that can be used to create adaptive and engaging learning. What I learned:
• Methods for creating interactive videos directly in Storyline which provide an opportunity for learners to build skills and immediately re-enforce their understanding with checks and branching scenarios.
• How to create pre-tests that allow learners to skip sections based on their pre-test results.
• How to build in remedial sections for those needing additional content and practice.
• Methods for creating adaptive and dynamic branching in Storyline that supports learners at all levels of the learning journey.
Session 535 – Essential Design and Development Tools – And They’re ALL Free
Tracy Parish is a favorite in our organization. She has assembled a robust library of low or no cost tools and resources. This year’s session did not disappoint. Whether you are a part of a large learning team or a department of one, I highly recommend checking out Tracy’s online resources.
My favorite finds:
• Pexels.com
• Deathtothestockphoto.com
• Freebiesbug.com

Session 537 – Building a Culture of Learning – Remote Teams
At Evolve we are Virtual by Design which sometimes makes us take for granted that this is not normal or natural for everyone. This session provided practical ideas for building and maintaining a culture of learning regardless of location.
• Communications & messaging – keep it communications clear, simple, and consistent.
• Leadership support – leadership buy-in and support is critical and should come from all levels in the organization. Everyone needs to make and know that culture, learning, and engagement is a priority.
• Accountability – empower and enable your learners by making opportunities for learning available while also allowing time for self-directed learning.
• Rewards & incentives – create rewards, incentives, and friendly competition for company-wide initiatives.
• Remove barriers – choose the right technology, platforms, and content to fit the needs of your organization.
Tech Tip: Remote learners may experience more technical issues and/or cannot access tools and platforms remotely. Make sure that you are choosing the right tools and technology to enable and encourage learning when needed.