2024 is off to a blazing start! It’s only the beginning of February and I have already attended 2 conferences, kicked off and wrapped multiple client projects and started getting ready for 2024 and 2025 conferences and events. So when I sat down to write this month’s article, I looked to James Oakley’s article 5 New Instructional Design Trends of 2024 for inspiration.


AI for Content Development

Not only is this topic at the top of the list for 2024, but it is top of mind for everyone in the Learning and Development industry. During every conference, networking event, industry webinar, client meeting, and internal team meeting we talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what we can and should be doing with it within training and development.

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AI – The Future is Here

ChatGPT began as a whisper in 2022, then quickly gained momentum in 2023, and now nearly all our content development includes some use of AI. None of us could have anticipated the impact of AI and tools like ChatGPT on how we work. The mainstream use of AI is here, and now we need to define how and when we use AI, making sure we maintain the human element, how we manage what we’ve created, and what this means for client deliverables and work product.

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What can we do with AI?

We can do so much with AI – accelerate and streamline content creation, personalize the learning experience, reduce content costs associated with sourcing and licensing content and the time associated with building content from scratch. ChatGPT and other AI generation tools are making us more efficient and effective and helping us to fill in the gaps. But, with all this power and efficiency, we need to make sure we are using these tools how they are intended – to give us a start – and then it’s our responsibility to review, edit, and validate.

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What AI tools should you use?

Everyone is using AI… even my 70+-year-old mother is using ChatGPT, but there are many other AI tools that can streamline your content development.

ChatGPT – My go-to tool for:

  • Content Outlines
  • Terms and definitions
  • Filling content gaps
  • Learning objectives
  • Personalizing learning

Text to Speech and Voice Transcription – My favorite tools:

  • WellSaid Labs – Nearly human-sounding, AI-generated text-to-speech
  • Trint – Video and audio transcription
  • Subly – Transcript and closed captioning generator

Custom Chatbot Platforms – Used for training delivery and learner support:

  • Great for virtual training environments
  • Reduce overhead of facilitators and instructions
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Provide supplemental materials

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We need to be talking about…

The risks, challenges, and potential issues of using AI when developing a client deliverable or work product. The questions we are starting to talk about internally are:

  • Is AI-generated content inadvertently creating biases and stereotypes?
  • How do you make sure you aren’t infringing on intellectual property or copyrighted information?
  • If you use AI for client content development, who is liable for potential IP or copyright claims?
  • How can you protect training and development content from being misused or misrepresented?

As we continue to see how AI fits in training and development and how it will continue to shape the Learning and Development industry in the years to come, we must continue to be careful custodians of this powerful tool.