Emerging Modalities

You ask, Evolve answers! Evolve’s Chief Solution Strategist, Alex Ryan, and Lead Instructional Designer, Tristia Hennessey answer your learning and development questions.

Utilizing emerging modalities in a blended learning strategy.

In addition to using eLearning and video in your training programs, there are several ways you can make training more immersive, adaptative and personalized to the learner. By doing this, in addition to providing more informational support, you will be encouraging more engagement, increasing retention, and helping the learner function better in their environment.

Adaptive learning is personalized learning, and can make a larger impact by personalizing the learning experience by using pretests, post tests, and branching. These tools enable the curriculum to identify the learner’s knowledge gaps, and provides them with the information they actually need, rather than wasting their time on things they already know.

Immersive learning includes simulations and gamification, both of which can be easily built in Captivate, Camtasia and Storyline 360. Evolve has experience using these very same applications to build simulations for our own clients in various industries including retail and hospitality, oil and gas, and the corporate learning landscape.

Really impactful learning can be created in some more ‘tried and tested’ software and tools such as Zappar – to create AR experiences, Scenario VR and Storyline 360, using 360 video and immersive images for virtual facility and onboarding tours.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality may seem intimidating, with many  people believing it to be expensive and time consuming, but don’t be scared by the high tech options – there are many ways to bring in the modality of AR and VR without breaking the bank, or needing a dedicated tech team. AR and VR care far more accessible and affordable over recent years, and can be used as part of a blended learning curriculum. They don’t have to be the only modalities being used – it’s important to remember that blended learning is a holistic experience and multiple different modalities should be used for their best function.

Which tasks would it make sense to teach using AR and VR, or using a desktop based simulation? Consider getting creative with your existing tools to create an adaptive and immersive learning experience which is engaging and appropriate for the topic at hand.

In summary, a combination of emerging AND well known tools and modalities can be used such as eLearning, video playlists, scenario based learning, AR and VR, to create an immersive experience to enable people to practice critical job skills in a realistic environment. This will also reduce the training overhead, as a manager no longer has to spend the time demonstrating skills or tasks in person.

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