Creating Your Conference Action Plan with Evolve Solutions Group

You ask, Evolve answers! Evolve’s Chief Solutions Strategist, Alex Ryan, and our Lead Instructional Designer, Tristia Hennessey, have been to their share of conferences and know how overwhelming they can seem. They’ll be with the rest of the Evolve crew at Booth #919 at DevLearn Conference & Expo from October 26-28, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attending DevLearn22? Schedule time for a free L&D consultation with Evolve at Booth #919!

As we prepare for DevLearn we know that having a conference action plan is a good way to get the most out of your time at conferences.

“What is a conference action plan and how do you execute it?”

A conference action plan consists of important practices to keep you and your team on track and get the most value from the experience.

Here are a few ways to organize your time so you can focus on making connections and attending the right sessions:

  1. Make a plan. Look at all the vendors and potential partners or clients that are attending as soon as you can. Make a list in order of priority of those that you want to meet. Note the company name, booth number or meeting time in a notebook and leave space to write notes.
  2. Set goals for networking. How many potential vendors, partners, or clients do you want to meet on each day? Use an application like Calendly or another scheduling tool to get these meetings set up ahead of time or take time at the start of each day to plan your time.
  3. Set goals and objectives. Make a plan for the sessions you’ll attend in order of priority and aligned with your goals and objectives for the conference. If you are attending with co-workers, try to divide up the session and then compare notes after.
  4. Be ruthless with your time. Remember your goals and objectives. What are you there to do and learn about? Don’t get sucked into a session, get up and go if you feel like another session is better suited for you.
  5. Share what you learned. Schedule time now for reviewing and debriefing on what you learned. To make follow-ups goes smoothly, draft some email templates that you can quickly use for connecting with contacts you have made.

Have a plan, be selfish with your time, be true to your goals and objectives, and be sure to share what you have learned. A little bit of planning and discipline with help you enjoy the conference! If you keep these practices in mind, you’ll be well prepared for conference attendance

If you’ll be attending DevLearn Conference & Expo come and say “Hi!” at Booth #919.