As face-to-face events get cancelled, we need ways to quickly take content, learning and collaboration online to keep business and learning moving forward.

It may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be… there are quick and easy ways to take it online.

3 tips for taking your training or event online:

  1. Create opportunities for collaboration and interaction. The first thing you risk when going online is lack of engagement. Use built-in web meeting tools like Polls, Chat, Q&A, and white boards to ask questions, gather input and foster collaboration. It is a simple yet effective was to draw learners and participants into the virtual discussion.
    My favorite tools: Poll Everywhere and Doodle 
  2. Convert your content. Your face-to-face PPT slides can easily be converted to a format conducive to online delivery and consumption with just a few small changes.  Reduce the amount of content on the slide, add info-graphics, images and visuals and publish in an online format like PDF.
    My favorite tools: VismeVyond, and Slide Share
  3. Shorten sessions, increase frequency and add self-study. No one wants sit through 8 hours of training delivered via web meeting. Try scheduling multiple 1.5 hour max sessions over the course of several days. Augment learner engagement with self-study and good old fashioned homework assignments.
    My favorite tools: LinkedIn Learning (with standard membership) and